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I have been in the private security industry for more than 10 years.  Over those years I've been amazed as to what passes for a qualified security professional.  We've all seen them, security guards that you wouldn't allow guard your trash, let alone your business or home.  I"m here to tell you the secrets of the professional security operator.

Of course the foundation is a fundamental desire to want to serve and protect.  I understand that not all security officers are looking to make a career out of guarding someone"s assets.  However, I do feel that all of us can make a positive impact with regard to the negative stereotype of security guards.  In one word...Perception.

In my humble opinion, Security work is 90% perception.  At my consulting firm, Kingsley Bergling Risk Management, all of our operators are well groomed, well informed and well trained.  They demand respect...period.  I am confident that I can send any of our operators into any social situation and feel confident that he or she will not insult the ambassador of Zimbabwe.   As GI Joe would say, •Knowing is half the battle.•  

So, what are the first 5 steps toward becoming a professional security operator?

1. Common Sense. If you don"t have it, you never will.  
2. Confidence. This does not mean you are cocky.  This means you have the wherewithal to hold your own around big names and tough situations.
3. Appearance. Take pride in your appearance.  Get a haircut and shower more than once a week. Take time to press and clean your uniform.
4. Information.  Have all your needed post orders with you at all times.  Always know who your client is and make sure you know where the bathroom is located.
5. Timing.  Be on time, all the time.  How do you expect your client to trust you to watch over them, if you can"t make it on time.

If you instill these 5 basic principles, you may be qualified for a career in protective work.  If not, please find a different industry to work in, we have enough slackers already.

By Erik Bergling

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